my son„„„

10/17/14  (+7)  

kan yhu dr@w da ghey kizz ov fkoffhordan n i lawl xD

no no no

10/10/14  (+2)  

draw me bc im an asshole but you love me ✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡)♪.+゚♬✿

w0w fine u ass, send a selfie 

So i had the idea, why not fix up my fursona. make him look decent, yet true to me. That’s when C4NDY CRU5H came into action, A hyper candy loving wolf that is loving and energetic and creative. enjoy ^^; tho it will usually wear a jacket, this is a better ref of him :3

08/11/14  (+3)  

SOOO got a lil update, you kno my oc (the pink dog) WELLL he’s got an upgrade. i will post more info later <3

08/11/14  (+3)  

my hand slipped….2011 seamus b tw

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what a nerd limelight131

08/07/14  (+5)  

jevester ur fuking aleks makes me c r y

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